How to Reserve

Reserving a Class is as Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Create An Account

Provide your name, email, basic info and choose a password.

To sign up for a class, you must have classes in your account. Once you've purchased a class package, just find a class and reserve your preferred spot using our ride theatre map. For all the info on what you'll need for a class, see Your First Ride.

2. Buy Classes

Enter credit card info and choose a class package

If a class is full, it will show as "Waitlisted" on the schedule. Simply click the "Waitlist" button and you'll be automatically placed on the list in first-come order. We will email you If you get into class. Once you're placed in class, our standard cancellation policies apply and we will expect you. If you get into class less than an hour before and cannot make it, call us or cancel online and we will cancel you without charge.

3. Schedule A Class

Find a class and reserve it, then choose your own bike on our theatre map. That's it!

Once reserved, you may cancel free out of a class 12 hours or more before class time, and your class will be credited back to your account. For cancellations within the cancellation window, you will forfeit the class or be charged a $10 late cancel fee (monthly subscribers). If we are able to move people from the Waitlist into class to take your spot, we will credit your account or suspend the late cancel fee. 

4. Rules of the Road

We love to be UPBEAT, free and easy, but even we must have a few rules.

  • Show up on time ... so you have enough time to get ready and set up
  • Late/No Shows: unless you call ahead, if you're not checked in 5 minutes before class your spot may be released to another guest and you will forfeit the class.
  • Grace Period: If you've called to say you'll be late, you may enter the ride theatre up to 5 minutes after class start unless it is your first ride, but no entries after that and you will forfeit the class.
  • Switching Bikes: you can change your bike spot online before class or, upon check in request a bike change. Switching is based on availability.
  • Waivers: all class participants must read and sign a liability waiver before being admitted to their first class.
  • Youth Riders (under 18): guests under 18 years of age must have a legal guardian sign our Minor's Waiver prior to riding. Guests under 16 are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. Cycling class participants must be over 4'10" to ride.

5. Studio Ettiquette

Use the Golden Rule - treat everyone as you yourself enjoy being treated.

  • Be safe & considerate, enter the ride theatre before class begins. No entry allowed 5" after class start
  • Suspend talking when class begins - we all love to chat but let's do it after class. 
  • Please, no phones in the Ride Theatre (they kill the vibe, man!)
  • Use lockers for your belongings; don't leave items in the aisles where they can cause a trip
  • No glass containers in the ride theatre
  • Water and sports drinks YES! But, kindly refrain from bringing coffee, soda and sticky beverages into the theatre
  • If you need to leave early, let the instructor know and sit nearby the door. Please leave quietly
  • If you sweat heavily, grab an extra towel to place under your bike.

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