Your 1st Class

Don’t worry if it’s your first time trying indoor cycling -
we'll get you all ready to go!
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Schedule an optional 30-minute orientation at the studio. Email us at for tour times.

If you haven't tried Upbeat Cycling before, try all of our classes, in-person and virtual, with our 14-day Unlimited Intro package for $49. We think you'll like it!

2. We've got you covered

Lockers: We have self-setting combo locks so no need to bring your own lock

Shoes: We're sorry, but no street shoes are permitted in the ride theatre. We rent Look Delta cleated cycling shoes ($1) to make your ride safe, comfortable and highly effective, or you may bring your own (SPD or Delta Look cleats). When you're ready, we can assist you with purchasing your own cycling shoes.

Changing Rooms: We have three private changing rooms for you convenience. The studio has no showers.

Water: Make sure to bring water and drink lots during class and after.

Water Bottles: Bring your own or buy a re-usable water bottle (help us preserve the environment)

Towels: We provide towels for use during class. (Suspended for COVID protocols)

3.Safety First...

Safety First ...

  • Please come early and our trained staff will help you get set up properly and record your setting for future rides.
  • Our bikes have four adjustment points - 1) seat height, 2) seat fore/aft, 3) handlebar height and 4) handlebar fore/aft. 
  • A staff member will ensure your shoes fit properly and show you how to clip in/out safely.
  • Always follow the pre-class safety precautions of your instructors and only do what you are comfortable doing. We never exert any pressure to do anything you're not comfortable doing. We encourage you to observe the instructor and others in class before attempting unfamiliar elements.
  • Never do anything that causes pain. Always let us know if something doesn't feel right and we'll help you make adjustments.
  • Please do not place belongings on the ride theatre floor to avoid trip hazards; use our secure lockers for belongings.

4. How it all works

Get Ready...

  • Wear close fitting shorts, leggings or cycling shorts (for extra comfort) & a comfortable, breathable t-shirt or tank top
  • Wear lightweight athletic socks
  • Bring water or a re-usable non-glass bottle to fill up at our Vero filtered water station
  • Eat something light and easy to digest 30-60" prior to class
  • Bring your heart rate monitor, if you have one,(optional)

Get Set ...

  • Arrive at least 15" early to find your bike and learn the ropes,
  • Check in at the front desk
  • Get your correct size cycling shoes ($1 rental) or bring your own,
  • Set up your bike for your measurements (ask for help, it's why we're here!)

Go ...

  • "It's always your ride - do what feels right to you"
  • Listen to your body
  • Drink lots of H2O
  • Enjoy!
5. Consider taking one of our novice classes for structure & discipline as you build up your fitness. It's fun!

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