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[Uhp-beet], adj.

  • Optimistic; Encouraging; Positive
  • A positive, cheerful mood about the future.
  • Full of hope, happiness and good feelings.

Arlington's elite sensory indoor cycling studio that will rock and wow! In classes designed to deliver the most fun per calorie burned, we will leave you feeling energized and upbeat.

Our goal is to create an inclusive, friendly place where you'll want to gather with the community for a common, upbeat experience that is part hangout, part fitnes and part purpose.

Upbeat Cycling is a woman-owned independent studio, created and operated by long-time Arlington resident, Jackie Maurer. We are about the awesome experience of music inspiring movement, and immersing you in rhythm and beats that touch your emotional core.

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement."

We are about having fun and making fitness a social, enjoyable experience. We are for everyone, and everyone who comes will make us Upbeat!

"The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best."

When you come to Upbeat Cycling you will find a place that is UPlifting, positive and inclusive that draws you to come because it's fun! You'll find yourself in a friendly environment, where you can be comfortable just being yourself.

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are."

You'll come for the fun, you'll come for the upbeat exercise and music, you'll come for the awesome facility, you'll come for the friends you make, and you'll come for community values.

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Message From the Owner


I started Upbeat Cycling with the vision of creating an awesome place to experience the fun of indoor cycling while enjoying great music!
(Okay, I admit it, I’m a wanna’ be DJ meets closet disco queen!) But it’s more
than a cycling studio, it's a place where people feel welcome, supported and comfortable. A space that is inviting and that has an uplifting — may I say UPBEAT! — vibe that encourages people to have fun while exercising.


My mission is also to make Upbeat Cycling a positive force for good. So I’ve
created UP-4-Impact, our program for supporting our community and
having an impact. We’ll be helping folks raise money by lending our studio, sponsoring worthy local causes and overall being an additive presence in the community.


So come on in and get into the beat! I look forward to riding with you!





Where are you be located?

We are located at 6 Rear Schouler Court, next to Arlington High School in the heart of Arlington, just steps off of Mass Ave. and highly accessible from all points in town and to public transportation. Our entrance is on the right side of the building, up the ramp. Please do not use the front entrance as theat is a separate part of the building and there is no access to the studio.

When are you opening?

Upbeat Cycling is open for a regular schedule of indoor cycling classes as of Saturday, February 3, 2018. Click on the "Schdule" menu item to see our full multi-week schedule.

How will I know when you open?

If you have purchased an Upbeat Cycling class package, you will hear from us directly via email. We will also notify everyone via our KeepUP e-newsletter, post on Facebook and Instagram, and put a prominent update on our web site.

Will you have changing facilities and a place for my valuables?

We’ve got you covered! Our beautifully designed studio features luxuriously equipped restrooms, private changing rooms and premium lockers with pick-your-own combo keyless locks, some featuring USB charging outlets for your phone!. We do not have showering facilities, although we do provide body wipes so you can clean up before you head on your way.

Why should I do indoor cycling?

Because it’s a low impact form of cardio exercise that will help you get in shape or enhance your fitness in a fun, safe way. Unlike running, you can start at your own pace and build up your conditioning gradually, avoiding injuries that often come from high impact- or aggressive exercise forms. So even if you haven’t been a workout maven or gym junky, you can comfortably start riding at your level and progress from there. No pressure, no shaming, no problem. All are welcome!

What makes Upbeat different from "spinning" at my gym?

The two are worlds apart. We are focused on delivering a complete experience from beginning to end that is fun, motivating and will bring you back for more. The minute you are warmly welcomed upon arrival to our beautifully designed studio, you will notice the difference. Our rides are more like play and less like work!

  • We feature a sophisticated sensory ride theater experience with sound and illumination that will thrill you,
  • Our professional instructors passionately craft music sets and creative themes to deliver fun, kickin' classes for riders of any level,
  • Our meticulously calibrated and maintained top-tier bikes with advanced computer consoles deliver a smooth, pleasing ride,
  • High quality cleated cycling shoes will maximize the comfort, effectiveness and safety of your workout helping you get the most from your ride,
  • Plenty of after-ride extras to help you feel the love, including chilled scented towels,
  • And, no membership is required. We have a variety of rider-friendly flexible plans that give you the freedom to come and ride as you like.
What if I'm new to indoor cycling?

No problem, we’ve got you covered! Upbeat Cycling is beginner friendly. We offer a ride orientation to our new clients, in which we demonstrate how to set up your bike, the riding positions and controls, and all the terminology you’ll encounter during your class rides. We’ll get you sized for shoes, set up your bike, demonstrate how to click into the pedals, and cover safety points. We’ll also give you a full studio tour so you’re comfortable and ready to ride when you arrive for your first ride.

Upbeat Cycling also offers regular options for beginners, to comfortably and safely help you go from the basics, to baseline conditioning, to kickin’ butt in a few short weeks.

And don’t worry - every ride is your own ride with no pressure to do more than you're are ready to do. You’ll progress quickly and find yourself feeling fitter and full of energy before you know it.

Will there be other types of exercise?

Yes. We have a second room, the Press Room, where we will feature a range of floor and mat-oriented class options, from gentle foam rolling and stretching before cycling, to yoga and body strengthening classes such as TRX and Pilates. See our schedule for our Press Room class offerings.

Do I need a membership?

That's the beauty of Upbeat Cycling! No membership is required and you're not locked in to any contracts. You have ultimate flexibility with the freedom to stop by for a single ride or the ability to save by purchasing multi-class cards.

If you're a frequent class taker, we have monthly options that we think will be an attractive alternative. Even then, you're not locked in and any time you need change your package, you have the control and ability to do so.

For ultimate flexibilty, you may purchase one of our convenient and flexible class packages on our web site and it will be added to your account. We have generous expiration periods because we want you to take classes, not lose them to expiration.

Once you've selected a package that works for you, all you have to do is find a class, book it and choose your favorite bike - all online!

What kind of bikes do you have?

Upbeat Cycing has Stages SC3 indoor cycles, one of the most comfortable, smooth and quiet cycles avaialble. Our custom-branded cycles also are easy-to-adjust with the Stages fit-lock adjustment mechanisms (no knobs that are too tight!) and feature four adjustment points so you can dial in your fit. The Stages consoles are advanced enough for the biggest data lover out there with accurate pro-worthy watt measurement, but simple enough to just keep the time for those who want to tune out. One of our favorite features is the Stages sprint shift, which allows riders to quickly add big chunks of resistance without turning, turning, turning the knob! So easy! Come try them!

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